Happy Arch

Happy Arch is dedicated to helping our customers with Orthotics, Arch Support, Medical and Diabetic Shoes for foot help and health.

Orthotics Arch Supports™ are the The Most Advanced Orthotic Arch Supports Ever Developed!

Expertly Made, Custom Fit, Worn, Approved and Recommended By Podiatrists, Pedorthists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Sports Medicine Clinicians as well as Reflexologists and Massage Therapists.

Proven Successful for Over 4 Decades, Happy Arch Orthotic Arch Supports Have Helped People Around the World.

Well made, Medically Approved Shoes are just as important.

Drew Shoe is the premier manufacturer of medical shoes, specializing in orthopedic shoes, diabetic shoes, and other types of footwear designed to alleviate health problems.

They have risen to the top of the medical shoes industry through a tireless commitment to innovation and choice, offering the latest technology in the widest variety of styles, sizes, and widths. These commitments have made Drew Shoe America's number one choice for orthopedic shoes and diabetic shoes. These "Made in America" shoes - no matter how big or small your feet, you will always find the medical shoes you need in the styles and sizes that you want.

The Drew Difference

A. ADDED DEPTH IN TOE BOX AND FOREFOOT allows extra toe room and provides adequate space for use of orthotics.
B. PADDED TONGUE minimizes lacing pressure over the instep.
C. FOAM CUSHIONED COLLAR prevents heel slippage for a snug and friction-free fit.
D. EXTENDED MEDIAL HEEL STABILIZER provides rear foot walking stability and minimizes slippage.
E. REMOVABLE, DUAL-DENSITY INSOLE with Drillex cover wicks moisture away from the foot to keep it healthy and dry. The insole permanently forms to the foot, where the molded bottom provides additional cushioning.
F. STEEL SHANK adds support and stability with excellent arch support.
G. WIDE SHANK, LIGHTWEIGHT OUTSOLE provides a ball-of-foot base for stability and great fit, and a mild "Rocker Bottom" to move the foot forward during walking.

Insoles - We also have a wide variety of insoles available for various foot problems - diabetic to good arch support! They help control pronation and improve shock absorption to reduce stress and fatigue in the feet, legs, hips and back.

Many of these insoles have been used and abused by thousands of satisfied customers - give us a try!

If you don't have "Good Feeling Feet", it is really hard to get through the day. Even sleeping at night can be difficult when your feet and or legs are aching.

Our products will set you on the correct path for great feeling feet.

Our feet are the foundation of our entire body. It is a known fact that when foot alignment and/or foot function is flawed, the entire body structure is faulty and out of balance.

The arches fall, the ankles weaken; the knees bend inward and the hips drop. The back tries to compensate and muscles are strained from the lower back to the shoulders.

This situation results in poor posture and overall pain, along with a general feeling of discomfort.


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